Presley is is an all-star cheer leader as well as fashion model. Traveling is probably her favorite part about being in the industry. She enjoys spending time at home in Louisiana though, as much as she can. An experienced TikTok creator, she has earned over 40,000 fans to her account. Across all her social channels she has a combined audience of over 100k. Cheerleading accomplishments include being named LA Perfect Cheerleader 2016-2017 and also held the pageant title Little Miss Louisiana United States 2017-2018.

She loves running to start her day. Career goals include eventually working as an actress, and participating in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at least once in her lifetime. She wants to attend college, where she will major in nursing or veterinary. She loves animals and the outdoors.


Before Fame

She was two years old when she started to dance and four years old when she started to cheer.



Presley currently collaborates with Original Hippie and Cheryl's Kids along with several other brands and companies. She has been modeling for about 11.5 years and has appeared in numerous ads for local businesses as well as for global designers such as Elisa B. She was cast as the lead in a music video for Mason Coutinho in 2018.